Maia Saavedra

Photography/art by me.

The ear and the neck.

Always back to black and white

Press photos for Chaos Chaos. Asy and Chloe, clothes by Richards. 

Wash yourself in the river of your tub

Have pineapples and oranges from the trees of your pantry

Model: Sylvia Snow

"Am I like a tree? If you cut me open can you count my rings?"

-Sylvia Snow (A Message from a Tree to Its Roots)

Model: Sylvia Snow

Performances from Boston Calling Music Festival. Modest Mouse, Bastille, Tegan and Sara, The Districts, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie and Box Tiger.

Boston Calling’s crowd when asked to make their most interesting faces. I wasn’t trying to make a Humans of Boston, but I was definitely copying HONY.