Maia Saavedra

Photos and drawings for the bands and poeople I love

My friends Liz and Serena.

Photo shoot in Times Square with Chloe Saavedra, Amhara Xhosa and Amara Desta Korley. 

Moog Synthesizer at Rough Trade, featuring Chloe Saavedra, Lauren Flax, Suzie Analogue, Maria Chavez, Leah Lazonick, Shiori Takenoshita, Gabriela Jimeno, Sean Desiree, FonLin Nyeu, Alanna Nuala, Lola Johnson and Ava Mendoz.

Running around Brooklyn taking photos of Scout, Sylvia and Olivia. Don’t touch the ground!

Street photography around Brooklyn and China town. I really wish I’d gotten a better photo of the lady waiting for her train, who looked so fashionable despite whatever injury she’d gotten into. People in NYC are awesome.

Using the subjects around me to explore ideas about age and femininity. 

Photoshoot with Amhara and Chloe in Times Square.

After all of this work I recently realized that I have some sort of a hair obsession. 

Mom, Scout and Esther. For mothersday.

Mom, Scout and Esther. For mothersday.

street photography from yesterday